Shaping ideas.

Custom services

Any desire requires adequate tools and expertise in order to be achieved. Sidewave defines and combines the most appropriate elements to reach the ideal formula, necessary for achieving ambitious objectives.


Merging UI/UX skills with 3D technologies to expand capabilities, functionality, and web applications. Create immersive experiences to disrupt the traditional idea of marketing and take it to a new level.

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Web 3.0

Bluelime was created with the intent of making the integration of Web 3.0 solutions accessible in a world that is still all about 2.0. The future is hybrid and user friendly.

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Listening to, trying on and experiencing the context, making our know-how available for obtaining results with the right awareness. A concrete method in the Digital world aimed at generating highly valuable relationships and goals.

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Kick-off, planning, execution: phases related to an efficient and pragmatic management method. Notifications and alerts meet project management, creating a timely workflow without any bottlenecks.

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Web App

Carefully designed and developed, scalable and durable cloud-based software, designed as stand-alone solutions or integrated into your systems. “User Friendly” is our watchword.

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Native App

B2B / B2C applications designed to make the most of performance and customer traction. Fancy and friendly, in symbiosis with Apple or Android devices. With brilliant and persuasive engagement.

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The digital re-proposition of one’s own reality, now much more important than walls or signs. Perception, feeling, functionality, usability. Essential factors to give users and customers the best. We shape the best version of your brand, on the web.

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Digital selling designed to offer a magnetic experience from entry to purchase, building a unique relationship with customers. Loyalty = revenue.

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The design of an experience is the oxygen of any digital project. An interface at the service of experience, oriented towards value conversions. All with user-centric dogma.

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Assimilating the goals of a project allows you to select appropriate brushes and colours to shape the success of your ideas. Graphic, visual and textual elements shaped to infuse results.

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Turn off megaphones, stand above your competitors, find the right place and activate digital word of mouth aimed at creating a community of users truly interested in your brand. Without any tugging; on the contrary. Often and gladly! Sidewave procedural philosophy.

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  • 3D
  • Web 3.0
  • Digital consulting
  • Project management
  • Web App
  • Native App
  • Websites
  • E-commerce
  • UI /UX
  • Graphic design
  • Digital marketing
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